The Iran industry and security system company is founded by Mr. Vahid Eslami in 2011 in order to provide the best service and high-quality productions for LED and security Camera equipment. Thanks to the proper planning strategies, many years experience and working with highly skilled technicians, the company is now the most effective distribution center for electronic products of many famous brands in the northeast of Iran.

In spring 2015, following the development strategies, the Company founded the first comprehensive online marketing in the east and northeast of country for electronic products. is now honored to be able to provide more satisfaction and covers more customer wishes.

since 2017 the company has improved dramatically the ordering, processing and delivering capacities in order to be able more quick, accurate and trustfully. Now we are pleased to announce in addition to LED and Camera, the large variety of electronic products are available for our customer. Our supportive collages in customer Service looking forward to hearing your inquiries and recommendations.

with the Best wishes

Iran industry and security System Co. Ltd